Welcome to a world of edible alchemy, where the age-old preservation technique of natural fermentation is used to transform fresh vegetables into tangy sauerkrauts and spicy kimchi.  It’s a place where sweet teas ferment into sparkling kombucha and seasonal produce is preserved for the weeks and months ahead through the creative art of fermentation. We take pride in creating cultured food and drinks that are delicious and packed with naturally occurring probiotics.

“Squeamish stomachs cannot eat without pickles.”                                                                     -Benjamin Franklin

At Food & Ferments we’re committed to creating food and drinks that are nourishing and delicious.  Much deeper than just calories and flavor, we want every swig and swallow to provide essential minerals and probiotics to enliven and enrich the eater.  We strive to understand and emulate how traditional foods are not only an expression of culture, but also a deep well of ancestral wisdom about nourishment.  We think about the quality of nutrition with everything we make.

With so much of our culture’s precious food wisdom unraveling over the past century, Food & Ferments is a Philadelphia based business joining the revival to bring whole foods back to the dinner table.  Many of the products we make utilize lacto-fermentation and traditional techniques to create nourishing live food from fresh, local ingredients that strengthen both the local agricultural economy and the local community. (Photo Credit: Naomi Abbot)

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Proud recipient of  the Edible Philly  2014 Food Artisan Local Hero Award.